Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks for faster work and development.

Among plenty of text editors available in the market, Notepad++ has its unique features and attracts many programmers, webmasters to make use of it. In general, a text editor is a program which allows its users to edit texts. Notepad ++ is the best alternative to the Notepad, because of its user friendly environment and open source platform developers or programmers make use of it to write coding in various programming languages like .html, .CSS, .PHP, .JS, .bash, .asp and many more. Especially, if you are familiar with the Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks, it will be the great time saving event.

For those who are new to the platform, this article will be helpful for them to understand the Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks which allows users to work faster in Notepad++.

Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks for faster work and development:

Deleting particular repeating lines from document

Well with number of features added in Notepad ++ this feature is also very important. All you need is to.

  • Suppose I have multiple lines of data and want to delete only those lines that have <Setting text in the document. See image for reference.

Notepad++ Tips and Tricks

  • Copy Settings –> Go to Find –> In Find what tab paste <Setting –> Go to Mark Tab.

Deleting particular line in Notepad++

  • In Mark Tab Select Bookmark tab and then click on Mark All.

Deleting particular line in Notepad++

  • Now go to Search –> Bookmark –>Remove Bookmarked Lines.

Deleting particular line in Notepad++

Using Macro Functions

Well, if you are a programmer then you would be surely aware of the advantage of using macros.  In general, macro is the single line instructions which lead to the set of coding that written specifically to perform certain tasks. In notepad ++, users can able to record a macro and perform a certain set of operations automatically and it is one of the Notepad++ best features.

Using Launch Code

Using Notepad ++, developers or users can open their files in web browsers directly by using the launch code in languages like HTML or CSS. Making use of the code Run -> Launch in Firefox/IE/Chrome/Safari, users can able to open the web browsers directly.

Deleting all text after a particular word from multiple lines in document

  • Select the text after which you want to delete everything.
  • Suppose we want to delete everything from each line after word Pool Size.
  • Select and Copy Pool Size
  • Go to Find –> in Find Tab paste Pool Size.* –> In Replace tab enter nothing –> Click on Replace All

Delete everything in row after particular text

Making use of Tree View

Notepad ++ gives users a unique feature named Folder as Workspace. By using that, programmers can able to make use of the more than one file by opening and closing in a particular folder. This feature will be more useful for the developers to develop a theme like operations.

Using Dynamic Controls

Notepad ++ gives you the sophistication of creating static HTML layout controls dynamically which take care of the Quotes and line breaks. All you need to do is to select the proper language and TextFX –> TextFX Convert –> convert Text to Code Command.


Best Notepad++ Tips and Tricks for faster work and development.

Using XML tools Plug-in

Notepad ++ gives the developers advantage of using of XML files to write data into the SQL database. In fact, notepad++ gives the opportunity of fixing the unformatted XML files to understand its structures by using the scripts.

Apart from those, notepad ++ gives the basics features like delete specific text in Notepad ++, delete everything after character in Notepad ++ and so, which will be handy to work at ease in the open source platform.

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