Tips & Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga.

Tips & Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga: Candy Crush has become one of the most addictive games these days. Not only girls but everyone feels a secret addiction towards this game. It is a great time-consuming candy crushing game. Here we are to discuss some of the most effective tips and Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is the all-time favorite Android and iOS game and these Candy Crush Saga High Score Tips assist anyone to score higher and get onto the levels and completing them in no time.

Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga

Tips & Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga:

Crush candies at the bottom

Start crushing candies from the bottom every time you find a good match. Crushing them from bottom eventually make all the candies fall down and this can create a cascading effect and this way you can get more crushed candies in less time. Also, you can skip from making several moves by crashing several candies groups. This is one of the most effective Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga.

Make the Combos to achieve better

Before crushing candies regularly, try to make combos from top to bottom or bottom to top. Always keep your eyes on making more matching to score higher. These dazzling combinations trick is a part of Candy Crush Saga High Score Tips.

Keep a plan

Don’t just rush into crushing as more as possible. Keep a plan in mind for every level because each level is different there. You don’t have to anxious about the levels that don’t have a time limitation. So, put your planning on each level and pause games to keep a better understanding on crushing those beasty candies.

Candy Crush Saga High Score Tips

Sprinkler candies will make the move

The sprinkler candies mean the delicious ones. You can make some serious points by using the trick correctly. Every time, try to combine the sprinkler one with the standard candies, this will remove all the similar color candies. So it is always best to keep candles with the sprinkler on the board.

Fewer moves doesn’t always matter

If you think finishing the game in fewer moves makes you score better then it is just a myth. This fewer moves trick doesn’t always work to score higher. Scoring also depends on creating more special candies, the more special you create before finishing the level the more points you will get.

Clear the chocolate boards

These boards regenerate in every level, so it is better to learn these boards quickly to have space for your special candies. So clearing the chocolate board always helps in planning moves and score higher.

Look for liquorice candies

Some levels of the game include liquorice candies, you are advised to clear them up quickly as this makes the cascading and bring the candies down. This provides you space to move ahead and prevents you from losing.

Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks

+5 Moves is a big help

This feature gives you extra five moves without you doing any hard work. You just need to activate this in any specified level, using this you can get more special candies to get higher scores.

Striped Candies always work

Striped candies can be a really big help in those levels which seem really hard to get through. These candies produce a blast horizontally and vertically and clear the lines. So you can crush the tiles that are out of reach by using the striped candies trick.

So those were all the Tricks to Score High on Candy Crush Saga in a few steps. Practice these steps to beat your friends down and experience the awesomeness of Candy Crush series. If you have further any other secret trick to score high on Candy Crush Saga tell us in the comments box below.

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